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A Russian strike leaves at least nine dead in Dnipro. The Russian army targeted several Ukrainian towns on Saturday. The Ukrainian capital kyiv is one of them. In Dnipro in the east of the country, at least nine people, including a 15-year-old girl, died in the destruction of an apartment building. The attack also left 64 injured, indicates the Kyiv Post. The search for survivors continued overnight. Missiles have also damaged infrastructure in Kharkiv and the Lviv region to the west, with the consequences of potential power outages and difficulties in water supply, local authorities have warned. “Russia has admitted that Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is among its priority targets”, remind him Kyiv Independent while emphasizing that this type of attack represents a war crime according to the Geneva Conventions.

Clashes between demonstrators and police in front of a German mine. “There were injuries on both sides”, note it Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Near the village of Lützerath in North Rhine-Westphalia, thousands of climate demonstrators are protesting against the expansion of the Garzweiler coal mine. 35,000 people according to the organizers, half as many according to the police, took part in a day of mobilization in this region of the west of the country. A thousand protesters then sought to approach the mine, even though the area is dangerous “because the ground has softened due to the constant rains and there is a risk of landslides”emphasizes the DOES. The village must be demolished to allow the extraction of lignite and has since 2020 become a symbol of environmental combat with the installation of dozens of activists in farms or tree houses. Greta Thunberg, present on Saturday, called for resistance. “As long as the coal is in the ground, this fight is not over”she said.

New confidential documents found at Joe Biden. It was in his personal residence in Wilmington, Delaware that the team of the American president got their hands on five pages of classified archives. This is the third such discovery in a week. A week that has “raised important questions about the management of legally delicate subjects by the administration”, observe CNN. The channel also notes that “The White House faces increasing criticism for its lack of transparency”. The first confidential documents were found in November but nothing was reported with last Monday. On Thursday, Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, appointed an independent prosecutor to investigate these documents and why they remained in Joe Biden’s possession after he left his post as vice president in January 2017. rather than being forwarded to the national archives.

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