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PRS guitars announces its batch of new products for 2023. We were already talking to you not long ago about the new PRS SE DGT (David Grissom Trem) models and their manufacturing process in conjunction with the artist. PRS presented us on this occasion 3 fascinating videos to better understand the stages of the declination of its signature model within the SE series. The manufacturer has not stopped there and offers us for this new year additions that will delight fans of the brand.

PRS Modern Eagle V now available within the Core range

Introduced in 2004, the Modern Eagle was clearly part of the heyday of the Core series. Available in PRS Private Stock, the Modern Eagle V model enriches the Core range with its 3 HSH pickups (Hambucker / Single / Humbucker) and its innovative electronics that offer a wide possible sound field. Note the possibility of using the selector and 2 switches to combine the pickups with each other, use the single coils of the Hambuckers to obtain up to 17 possible combinations of pickups!

Introduction of PRS McCarty and DGT models in the SE series

We told you above about the David Grissom Signature model, which is available in a more accessible model in the SE (Student Edition) series. We are dealing here with a basic McCarty model with artist specifics including the characteristic Vibrato, modified pickups and a refined neck shape, thus creating a guitar that is close to Grissom’s favorite vintage guitars.


It is no coincidence that PRS adds 3 McCarty models to the SE series at the same time as Grissom’s DGT. Indeed, the artist collaborated for a long time with the manufacturer on the design of the McCarty in 1994. The SE series now includes in its ranks the McCarty 594, the McCarty 594 singlecut and the McCarty 594 singlecut standard.

PRS SE McCarty 594

PRS SE McCarty 594 Singlecut

PRS SE McCarty 594 Singlecut Standard

Two new models for the 10th anniversary of the S2 series

Halfway between the Core and the SE, the S2 series was introduced in 2013 and bears the name of the 2nd production line within the Stevensville (S2) workshop in Maryland. PRS has brought new manufacturing techniques with quality control allowing a more accessible price than those of the Core. Over the past ten years, the S2 has grown from three to more than a dozen models and has become an essential series for the brand.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the S2, PRS is offering two “anniversary” models: the 10th Anniversary PRS S2 Custom 24 and 10th Anniversary PRS S2 McCarty 594 Limited Edition guitars. We find the “standard” characteristics of the S2 with a Cuban mahogany neck, typical pearl bird inlays and, above all, PRS 85/15 and 58/15 LT pickups and electronics made in the United States. Please note, only 2,000 copies are planned.

PRS 10th Anniversary S2 Custom 24

Signature models Dustie Waring and Mark Holcomb

New is the new Dustie Waring signature model, a new signature guitar for the Between The Buried and Me guitarist with a fixed bridge (Hardtail – More info here) and Mojotone Dustie Waring Gen 2 Tomahawk pickups. Note also that the neck and fingerboard of this guitar called PRS DW CE 24 Hardtail Limited Edition are made of maple.

PRS DW CE 24 Hardtail Limited Edition

Mark Holcomb’s other signature model from Periphery is refreshed with a new colorway, the Holcomb Blue Burst and Seymour Duncan pickups.

Return of the Sonzera 20 amp

To complete the PRS panorama of 2023, the manufacturer announces the release of the Sonzera amp introduced in 2017, an amp that is back in service with some improvements both in terms of look and design. This amp has particularly good quality clean sound perfect for playing in addition to pedals.

PRS Sonzera 20 - 2023

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