:: Actress Ekaterina Gradova died in Moscow

Still from the film “Seventeen Moments of Spring”

In Moscow, died actress Ekaterina Gradova - radio operator Kat from the TV show about Stirlitz

Honored Artist of the RSFSR Yekaterina Gradova died on Monday in Moscow, Director of the Actors Guild of the Union of Cinematographers Valeria Gushchina told TASS. Gradova’s daughter Maria Mironova confirmed RIA Novosti this information. The actress was 74 years old.

Ekaterina Gradova was born on October 6, 1946 in Moscow in the family of a famous architect, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Architecture and mountaineer Georgy Alexandrovich Gradov, who died while climbing the Pamir, and an actress of the Theater. Gogol Raisa Gradova.

After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School, Gradova served at the Mayakovsky Theater, then at the Satire Theater. Nationwide fame and love for the actress brought the role of radio operator Kat (Katya Kozlova) in the TV serial “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. Among other famous works of Gradova – the role of the friend of the pickpocket Ruchnikov Svetlana Volokushina in the film “The meeting place cannot be changed.”

After leaving the theater, Gradova studied at the St. Tikhon’s Theological Institute, and then taught at the gymnasium and school the subject “Living Word” created by her. The actress also held classes at the film club at the All-Russian Children’s Orthodox Movement.

Gradova was the wife of actor Andrei Mironov, their daughter is People’s Artist of Russia Maria Mironova.

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