NFL: Buffalo Bills have to go to the Super Bowl

Von Daniel Kugler

“Win or Go Home”. With these words Bills quarterback Josh Allen turned before the duel against the Miami Dolphins in the wild card round of the playoffs (on Sunday from 7 p.m. live on ProSieben and combatively to the press.

The Playmaker is on fire. The team is strong, highly motivated and hungry for the Super Bowl. The ultimate goal, which the franchise has repeatedly let slip through its fingers despite its status as a co-favourite.

Buffalo only got past the divisional round once in the past three seasons – just not enough.

You have to swallow this bitter pill within the franchise and focus everything this season on not missing the last percent in the duel with the competition in the final sprint this time.

Buffalo Bills: Pressure is mounting to reach the Super Bowl

The pressure is there, the team has elitists in many positions. It has become more and more experienced over the years and has been further improved in width and tip.

For this season it is therefore clear: The Super Bowl can simply be the only acceptable target for the postseason.

Under Franchise Player Allen, reaching the AFC Championship Game once was the maximum so far. More than ever, Buffalo is in the debt to let the “Bills Mafia” jump through all available folding tables in the country in a frenzy of joy – even beyond the dates in January.

In the event of a possible reunion with the Kansas City Chiefs in the championship game, the Bills simply have to keep their nerve this time and get the numerous horsepower onto the field until the clock runs out.

But if that were to happen, your knees would tremble again.

Because of a name: Patrick Mahomes.

Allen’s old nemesis, who is likely to haunt the Bills quarterback until his sleep, especially in the crucial weeks of the season. This trauma must now be overcome, because excuses are no longer allowed in Buffalo. No matter what form.

Buffalo Bills: The omens aren’t getting any better

Because the NFL also did its best and after the experiences of the previous season changed the overtime rule in the postseason especially for the Bills.

And that’s not all. After the game was abandoned due to safety Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest and the duel with the Cincinnati Bengals that was not made up for as a result, a possible Championship game against the Chiefs was also held in Atlanta – i.e. at a neutral location – for reasons of fairness.

The omens are friendlier than ever, even apart from the truth on the field. As a result, the expectations of the team inevitably increase, but they can no longer be blinded by the role of favorites for the title.

No more excuses. The Bills have to deliver now.

For themselves. For the fans. And also for Hamlin.

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