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Eleven play-off tickets have already been booked, but three are still open. And that’s what this weekend is all about in the final week 18 of the regular season 2022/23. Jaguars or Titans, Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers, Seahawks, Lions or Packers? Who is running? The new episode “Icing the kicker” provides suggestions. Listen now!

One win is still missing: The Green Bay Packers are just before the play-offs after their low (4:8 in the meantime).


From the point of view of football fans, the new year can hardly start any better: This weekend – starting this Saturday – Week 18 and with it the last matchday of this regular season 2022/23 will start. While the eleven teams that have already qualified, including the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, are still deciding on the exact placements in the play-offs that start next week, some teams still want to get into the exciting finals of the National Football League create.

It gets really exciting in the night from Saturday to Sunday (2:15 a.m. CET) when the Jacksonville Jaguars (8:8) and the Tennesee Titans (7:9) face off. The winner of this game is the winner of the AFC South and thus automatically in the play-offs – home game in the Wild Card Round included. But who will emerge victorious? The last strong Jags or the recently struggling Titans, who probably have to coin all their hopes on running back Derrick Henry?

There is a lot of discussion about this in the new episode of “Icing the kicker”. Presenter Kucze, who has just returned from vacation and is flanked this time by football expert Detti and kicker editor Grille, is diligently preparing for this interesting duel.

#39: NFL Preview - The fierce battle for the last playoff spots!

05 January 202301:12:18 hours

#39: NFL Preview – The fierce battle for the last playoff spots!

It’s CRUNCH TIME in the NFL. Week 18 is upon us! Who will make it to the playoffs at the last minute? Already on Saturday night there will be a showdown for the divisional crown between Jaguars and Titans. The Patriots, Dolphins and Steelers will battle it out for the final AFC playoff ticket on Sunday. And: How are the Buffalo Bills dealing with the drama surrounding their player Damar Hamlin? The NFC will be decided at a late hour. Will the Seahawks take on the Rams? Are the Lions going full throttle with the Packers even if they don’t have a wild card chance? Kucze, Detti and Grille will answer these questions for you. The next episode “Icing the kicker” will be available as usual next Thursday. Photo Credit: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

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But that’s not all: the icing crew has a lot more to offer. For example, Detti explains exactly why the game against the Buffalo Bills (12:3), which is so important for the New England Patriots (8-8) – the Pats only need one win and are there – is so difficult to predict. After all, the Bills are all about safety Damar Hamlin these days, who suffered cardiac arrest during the recently abandoned game in Cincinnati and is still in the hospital in critical condition.

It will also be exciting to see how the league will deal with this canceled game, which may be very important for the play-off places. There is currently even the possibility that the play-offs will be pushed back by a week to catch up with the duel.

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In addition to the Seahawks (8: 8) and Steelers (8: 8), each of whom can also have a say in terms of final round tickets, the podcast is of course also about the upcoming Sunday Night Game in Green Bay. The Packers (8:8), who put in a great run after a 4:8 lead, meet the Detroit Lions (8:8) here at Lambeau Field in icy temperatures. While the guests from “Motor City” will certainly throw everything out in advance, even if Seattle wins, Aaron Rodgers and his team around top returner Keisean Nixon are about to be crowned after the already certain play-off end.

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