NFL: Louisiana State’s historic draft

Crowned NCAA champion last January, undefeated, distinguished through numerous individual trophies, the 2019 generation of Louisiana State (LSU) Tigers shone again, during the draft of the NFL – the annual selection of college players – which has just ended. Fourteen representatives from the University of Louisiana have indeed been selected, including quarterback Joe Burrow, best player of the season, drafted in first position by the Cincinnati Bengals.

This number of 14 players selected is a record equaled since the draft NFL takes place over seven selection rounds (in 1994). The LSU Tigers thus joined the Ohio State Buckeyes, who had achieved a similar performance in 2004. In the modern history of the draft NFL, the record for players selected for a single university is held by the Texas Longhorns, which had seen 17 of their players being drafted, in 1984, but with 12 selection rounds.

With those 14 players selected, LSU became the first university to have a quarterback, running back and wide receiver selected in the first round of the league. draft. All five offensive line players were also selected. Now all they have to do is shine on the NFL grounds.

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