NFL, play-offs: These decisions bring the final Week 17

The final week of the regular season still holds some important decisions in the NFL. Who will secure the last play-off places – and who will secure the important first place in the NFC seeding list? The scenarios.

Crunch Time in Week 17: Kyler Murray (left) and Lamar Jackson (center) want to go to the play-offs, Aaron Rodgers (right) wants to secure the bye and full home rights.

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The expansion of the play-offs decided before this regular season means that 14 instead of the previous twelve teams will take part in the final round this season for the first time.

What hasn’t changed: The last tickets for the postseason are mostly fiercely fought until the last day of the game. So this season too. Because only half of the starting places are firmly occupied before the final Week 17 – which, as usual, increases completely on Sunday (local time): The Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills have already qualified in the AFC, the Green in the NFC Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who can also take part in the knockout round will be decided in week 17 as follows …

Play-offs in the AFC: four out of five

In der AFC the magic formula for the final game day is “four out of five”. The Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts are all currently on a score of 10: 5. One franchise will end up empty-handed, the other four move into the play-offs.

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The worst cards at first sight have the Colts led by Philip Rivers. For example, if all five teams win their final game (or all five lose), Indy would have to bite the bullet. The reason is the complicated “tie-breaking procedures” that are used when two or more teams have the same record at the end of the season. The Colts must therefore hope for one of the four competitors to slip up.

Due to the countless combinations, a number of different scenarios are also possible here. The tie-breakers currently see the teams in the following order: Tennessee, Miami, Baltimore, Cleveland, Indianapolis. In other words: Tennessee only does not get into the play-offs if the other four teams all win, but you lose the final game in Houston. Cleveland, on the other hand, would only win a tie with Indianapolis, but lose everyone else. The seeding list would then also result from this order.

Play-offs in the NFC: snail race in the east, final in the west

The race in the NFC is a little clearer. There are still three starting places to be allocated, which will run in two different strands.

A starting place goes to the victory in the snail race of the historically weak NFC East either to the Washington Football Team (6: 9), the Dallas Cowboys (6: 9) or the New York Giants (5:10). Washington holds the trump cards and would book the play-off ticket with a win over Philadelphia in Week 17. However, if the football team loses, the direct duel between cowboys and Giants becomes a final – the winner receives the open starting place.

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The Los Angeles Rams (9: 6), the Chicago Bears (8: 7) and the Arizona Cardinals (8: 7) are fighting for the remaining two tickets. Since Rams and Cardinals face each other in a direct duel, it is said for all three teams: A win is synonymous with a play-off entry. In plain English, the following four scenarios would be possible (except for an unlikely tie):

1) Los Angeles wins against Arizona, Chicago wins against Green Bay: Then Los Angeles and Chicago are in the play-offs and Arizona out
2) Arizona wins against Los Angeles and Chicago wins against Green Bay: Then Arizona and Chicago are in the play-offs and Los Angeles out
3) Los Angeles wins against Arizona, Chicago loses against Green Bay: Then Los Angeles and Chicago are in the play-offs and Arizona out
4) Arizona wins against Los Angeles, Chicago loses against Green Bay: Then Arizona and Los Angeles are in the play-offs and Chicago is out

Home advantage and bye: Chiefs are through, Packers in pole position

The new play-off system brings special privileges for the first place in each conference: This team is now the only one that gets a bye in the wild card round. As before, the number one seeding list always has a home advantage in every play-off game up to the Super Bowl.

In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs have already secured this position, in the NFC there are still three possible teams. The Green Bay Packers (12: 3) are in pole position and would secure the “Number 1 Seed” with a victory over Chicago. If that doesn’t happen, the New Orleans Saints (11: 4) and the Seattle Seahawks (11: 4) also come into play. If both win, the Saints take first place on the seeding list. If only Seattle wins, the Seahawks are first. If only the Saints win, Green Bay remains ahead despite the defeat.

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