NFL Recap: Washington Commanders vs. New York Giants 12:20

The New York Giants are a good deal closer to the playoffs with their 20:12 away win in Washington. One rookie is particularly convincing. Meanwhile, a division rival can also cheer.

Commanders vs. Giants: At a Glance

  • Rookie edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux was the outstanding man in the Giants’ away win in DC. He scored the G-Men’s first touchdown and also prevented a possible equalizer late on.

  • The Commanders didn’t find an answer to the Giants’ defense for a long time. And even after they woke up, they made too many mistakes in the form of turnovers.

  • The result between the Giants and Commanders allowed a rival from the NFC East to celebrate early.

Commanders vs. Giants: Die Analyse

Before their last drive in the first half, the Giants didn’t do much offensively before the break. But that wasn’t necessary either, because the defense made itself felt positively early on.

After the Giants defense held off the Commanders on a field goal in the first quarter, rookie Kayvon Thibodeaux came on the scene and nailed the hat trick: he sacked and fumbled Taylor Heinicke in front of the opposition’s end zone and then won the ball for a touchdown.

A little later, the G-Men then put down an almost nine-minute drive over 18 plays, at the end of which there was a touchdown – running back Saquon Barkley got the direct snap from the wildcat formation and ran to a 3-yard score. Half-time score: 14:3.

After the break, the Commanders reported back. Heinicke now acted more courageously and was primarily looking for top receiver Terry McLaurin. In the end there was a 19-yard touchdown pass to Jahan Dotson. Then a 2-point-play was canceled due to an offensive pass interference – a pick-play – and to make matters worse, Joey Slave awarded the extra point, so that it remained at 14:9 for New York.

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