NFL standings: Owners agree to circuit plan

The owners of the 32 NFL teams have accepted the circuit’s proposal to hold the American Association Finals (AFC) in a neutral location.

This is what the NFL Network learned on Friday afternoon.

This is due to the canceled Week 17 game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills, following the cardiac arrest suffered by safety Damar Hamlin on Monday night.

The NFL decided not to resume this meeting, which has a direct effect on the classification of the AFC. The final confrontation of this association will therefore be played on a neutral site if the two teams involved have not played the same number of games played in the regular season and if the lowest ranked team could have been the number seed 1 if she had played all the games scheduled on her schedule.

Also, the owners have agreed that the location of a possible first-round playoff meeting between the Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens – two AFC North Division teams – will be decided by coin toss, if ever the team of Maryland defeats that of Ohio this Sunday.

This solution does not please the head coach of the Bengals, Zac Taylor.

“We had control and we no longer have it. There is positive [de cette solution] for a lot of teams and negative for us,” he said during his press conference on Friday.

The Bengals are guaranteed to win their section, which usually would have guaranteed them at least one playoff game at home. They could now lose this privilege with a loss against the Ravens.

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