NFL: Teams looking for a ticket to enter the playoffs

Eight teams. Three tickets available. That’s how interesting the playoff picture is in the last week of the regular season in the NFL. Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers They continue in the fight to get into the postseasonin a closing that promises to be exciting.

In addition, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills are fighting for the top of the AFC, while the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys may still be the top seeds in the NFC.

Kansas City Chiefs

for all or nothing

New England, Pittsburgh, Miami, Jacksonville and Tennessee They fight for the last two places in the American Conference. The last two teams will dispute the AFC South title, with the particularity that even if they lose, the Jaguars still need the other teams to lose their games, being a complicated combination. On the contrary, Tennessee has no margin for errorby only being able to qualify as divisional champion.

In the case of Patsthey must beat the Buffalo Bills or have all the wild-card contenders lose to remain with the seventh seed in the conference. It is enough for Miami to beat the New York Jets and the loss of New England to qualify, while the Steelers must defeat the Cleveland Browns and hope that the Patriots and Dolphins fail to achieve a miracle that, at first glance, seems impossible.

In the NFC, the Green Bay Packers have everything going for them to advance, since they only have to beat Detroit to get into the playoffs. Although Seattle wins and tie with a 9-8 record, the Wisconsin team benefits from the brand criteria against NFC rivals (Packers 6-5 vs. Seahawks 5-6).

Seattle must beat the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay not win to advance, while the Lions need to beat the Packers and that the Rams spoil the plans of the Seahawks.

they seek the top

The Philadelphia Eagles are not living their prime, but they still have fate in their hands. Beating the New York Giants in the last week ensures them the top of the NFC and the first week bye… but the panorama opens if they lose that game.

The San Francisco 49ers can climb to the top of the NFC if they beat the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia lose, while the Dallas Cowboys can be the top seed if they beat the Washington Commanders and both the Eagles like the Niners lose. Even a loss to Philadelphia is enough for them to be divisional champions, even though they would be the second seed. If all three teams lose, the Eagles will remain on top.

The New England Patriots seek the last two spots in the AFC

The New England Patriots seek the last two spots in the AFC

In the American Conference, the Kansas City Chiefs have everything going for them, since if they defeat the Las Vegas Raiders, they lock up the first seed no matter what anyone else does. Pending what happens with their pending game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills can be the conference leaders if they beat New England and Kansas City loses. Since the game between Bills and Bengals is not rescheduled, in case Kansas City, Buffalo or Cincinnati meet in a hypothetical Championship Finalthey will play in a neutral venue, since they all had a chance to be the first seed of the AFC in equal games.

Some teams seek to improve their position in the standings, while others play their last cards hoping to qualify for the playoffs. Emotions will be afloat all weekend.

What they need pto qualify


Team (record) Need

Jacksonville (8-8) T, E or D of NE, MIA and PIT

N. England (8-8) T or D of MIA, PIT and TEN

Miami (8-8) T+D from NE

Pittsburgh (8-8) T+D from MIA y NE

Tennessee (8-8) T


Team (record) Need

Seattle (8-8) T + D de GB

Detroit (8-8) T+D from SEA

Green Bay (8-8) T

for first seed


Team (record) Need

Kansas City (13-3) T o D de BUF

Buffalo (12-3) T + D or E of KC or E + D of KC


Team (record) Need

Philadelphia (13-3) T or D of SF and DAL

S. Francisco (12-4) T + D of FIL

Dallas (12-4) T+D from FIL and SF

V: Victoria

E: tie

D: Defeat

key matches

Saturday January 7

Match Time

Kansas City vs Las Vegas 15:30

Tennessee vs Jacksonville 19:15

Sunday January 8

Match Time

Cleveland vs Pittsburgh 12:00

Baltimore vs Cincinnati 12:00

N. England vs Buffalo 12:00

NY Jets vs. Miami 12:00 p.m

Arizona vs S. Francisco 15:25

Dallas vs Washington 15:25

LA Rams vs. Seattle 15:25

NY Gigantes vs Filadelfia 15:25

Detroit vs Green Bay 19:20


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