NHL 22: A team of players with a rating of 99 kills a team of players with a rating of 0

My algorithms sometimes take me to weird places on the web. Don’t ask questions, it’s all for work!

It is precisely to these algorithms that I owe this article. For some reason, Youtube offered me to watch a video produced by a user named Frost.

A while back, Frosti had fun playing NHL 22, but not like you and me. He created a fictitious team made up entirely of equally fictitious players with a rating of 99.

Armed with his dark and particular humor, Frosti named this team the Cousin Lovers of Alabama.

Cousin Lovers’ opponent? The Flint Short Kings; a fictional team made up of equally fictional players with a rating of… 0!

Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube

I gave players real names and couldn’t resist putting Tonya Harding on the giant villain team. She’s probably the biggest gangster to set foot on the ice.


Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube

In addition to giving Cousin Lovers a good physique, he even took the time to create mascots for the teams.

Here is Captain Inbred for Alabama:

Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube

And some goblin for Flint:

Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube


Since the players at 99 had an aggressiveness rating in the stack, the Alabama Cousin Lovers slaughtered their smaller opponents in every sense of the word.

Enough blabla, here is the result. Honestly, it’s worth the 10 minutes of your time.

Oui, Nancy Kerrigan scored a goal for the Short Kings

With that, I’m off to play NHL 22!

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