Nick Gutmann is back at the Edmund Plambeck Stadium!

Regional League North

Nick Gutmann returns to FC Eintracht Norderstedt. Photo:

There were two serious sporting departures that FC Eintracht Norderstedt had to accept in the summer of 2021: Both Johann von Knebel and Nick Gutmann turned their backs on the Edmund Plambeck Stadium and the Hanseatic city to pursue their studies in the USA (ver) search. From then on, von Knebel drew lasting attention to himself for the University of New Hampshire, while Gutmann advanced to become a top performer at the renowned University of Kentucky. After a year and a half in the United States, the duo are now back in Hamburg and also in the Regionalliga Nord – but not reunited at Eintracht.

The latter is due to the fact that von Knebel should become an important pillar in the relegation battle at FC St. Pauli II, which is penultimate in the table. But “Quick Nick” returns to Eintracht! The Garstedter confirm this in a press release. It says verbatim:

“Meets exactly the qualities we were looking for”

In the past year and a half, Gutmann has played for the Wildcats at the renowned University of Kentucky. Photo:

Shortly before Christmas we already put the first present under the tree ourselves: Nick Gutmann has signed a contract until June 30th, 2024 and is returning to Ochsenzoller Straße after a year and a half!

Coach Olufemi Smith is happy about the returnee. “Nick is a fast, tricky and dangerous offensive player and has exactly the qualities we were looking for. He is also an absolutely positive character who has always enjoyed a high reputation in the team and will certainly enjoy it again from the start .”

The 26-year-old, who has played for the University Of Kentucky Wildcats in the US college league for the past 18 months, is set to take the roster position vacated by Elias Saad’s move and create a stir on the flank. “The collegiate football streak has certainly made him grow again and his stats this past season are outstanding,” Smith said. Gutmann scored five goals for the Wildcats last season and provided 19 (!) assists.

“Femi tried very hard and was an important factor in my return”

“Flying car” Gutmann (left) has already proven its quality in the 2020/21 season in the “EPS”. Photo:

Born in Bremen, he already played in Norderstedt in the 2020/2021 season, but actually only played 14 games for us due to the Corona-related end of the season. Accordingly, he does not see his mission as over yet. “I’m happy to be back in Norderstedt and I can’t wait to play with the boys on the field. I still know a lot of boys from my time before the USA, so I know for sure that I’ll feel good here ” Gutmann is already eager to start the preparations and sends a greeting to his soon-to-be-again trainer afterwards. “Femi tried very hard and was an important factor in my return.”

Although Gutmann only played for us for one year, he qualified twice for the DFB Cup with our team during this time, after the 2019/2020 cup season could only be played after July 1st, 2020. Since all good things come in threes, we naturally hope that he can maintain the quota this season and we are very happy to have Nick with us again.

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