Nick Saban becomes Alabama coach who won most national titles

With Alabama’s prestigious Crimson Tide victory over Ohio State, Nick Saban became the coach with the most national titles in Alabama. With this seventh victory he thus overtakes the legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. The latter is considered one of the very best coaches of all time in College Football. Bryant notably appears in the film “Forrest Gump” with Tom Hanks.

Nick Saban, already a legendary coach thanks to his impressive number of seven national titles, explained that without Paul Bryant none of this would have been possible:

“I don’t believe anyone can be compared to Coach Bryant. Back when he coached and won, his career got wins in different ways. He won by setting up conventional offensive systems and his legacy lasted for many years. “

“Without Coach Bryant we couldn’t have done what we did. He’s the one who made the Alabama we know today and who put Alabama in a prestigious tradition that makes many players want to come here. We have managed to build on that with a lot of support. “

History will certainly remember this success of Nick Saban during this very special season, during a coronavirus pandemic, like the moment when he passed a legendary Coach from Alabama and thus, in so doing, consolidated his legacy as a Legendary coach too, but he made this title particularly special, like the one won during the pandemic.

To allow all these young players to navigate this very special and difficult situation and to allow them to grow and become players who have marked the college season and who will be able to become undoubtedly accomplished NFL players is an even greater victory, certainly the greatest of victories.


Nick Saban becomes Alabama coach who won most national titles

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Nick Saban becomes Alabama coach who won most national titles


We just learned that Nick Saban is Alabama’s coach who won the most national titles


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