Nick Saban caught in Blunder side interview

Alabama Crimson Tide headed for halftime in Friday’s game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish with a 21-7 lead as head coach Nick Saban tried to conduct his usual interview with a reporter sideline. However, there was a major problem. Saban couldn’t hear the questions through his headphones, leading to an awkward moment.

“Coach Saban, you said DeVonta…” the reporter from the sidelines began to ask. However, she had to stop the question line as Saban raised her arms and said “I can’t hear you.” The reporter resumed asking the question, but Saban took off his headphones and leaned forward while trying to hear. He was unable to hear again, so he put the headphones back on with a frustrated look on his face.

The annoying interaction on the sidelines led to several jokes from Twitter users. There were several who compared the expression on Saban’s face to a cartoon mouse. Impressionist Joey Mulinaro, meanwhile, immediately filmed a video for social media.

Mulinaro has consistently shown his ability to impersonate Saban in a number of ways. The last version featured him standing in a room as he conducted his “side interview.” He continued to wave his hands before finally removing the headphones and throwing them across the room.

“I don’t have time for this,” Mulinaro said in the video. “I come here because I have to, and you haven’t even set it up so that I can hear.” Headphones don’t work, I can’t hear you, I have wires everywhere. The rant continued with comments on
barely beating Notre Dame and how TV crews need to make sure the technology is working before he conducts his required interviews.

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Technology issues are not new to Saban. He previously appeared on the Dan Patrick Show prior to the 2020 NFL Draft to discuss several topics. During the chat, he revealed that he does not send SMS or emails.

“I get them… then I call the person back,” Saban said of his lack of texts. His email correspondence, however, went through his wife. She would receive all emails, but Saban revealed that she fired him saying “I’m off your business”. He explained that he now had to find a different way of doing business.

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