Nicole Neumann told what her daughters asked her when she told them that she is going to marry Manu Urcera

Nicole Neumann told what her daughters’ request was when they found out that she was going to marry Manu Urcera

After announcing her engagement to Manuel Urcera after a year and eight months of courtship, Nicole Neumann told what was the special request made by his daughters Allegra, Indiana y Siennawhich the model had in her previous relationship with Fabian Cubero.

“My daughters cried. They told me that they want to bring the rings and they were also happy because they never went to a wedding, ”Nicole began by saying in a note that she gave to Show Partners (The thirteen).

“It was a great way to start the year, but I’m missing my gorditas who were still on a video call,” he added later, revealing that the day the car racer made the expected formal proposal, his beloved daughters could not be present. In turn, the host acknowledged that her partner has not yet fallen, he proposed to take another step in her love story and closed by expressing happiness. “I’m still in shock, but happy. She didn’t see it coming at all because she put it together so well. It was a mega surprise,” Neumann said.

Nicole Neumann with her three daughters in Bariloche, in 2019
Nicole Neumann with her three daughters in Bariloche, in 2019

It should be remembered that this would be the third marriage for Neumann, who previously had a sentimental relationship with Nacho Herrero. later with Fabian Cubero they shared almost a decade together. Beyond the fact that they were not on good terms with the former soccer player after their separation, they are still linked by the upbringing of their three daughters. At this moment, the girls are accompanying their father who rebuilt his love life with Little Viscount and that this year they became parents of Luca.

Nicole y Urcera They announced their commitment on social networks after more than a year and a half of love relationship. On her official Instagram account, she shared an emotional video and wrote, “I do.” Then the jury The 8 steps of the two million He assured with great joy: “My heart explodes with happiness!!”.

“How magical to start the year like this!” Nicole completed in the publication that Urcera also shared on her own Instagram account. The pilot decided to surprise his partner with a romantic marriage proposal. In addition, she said that she never imagined how the pilot would surprise her. “Yesterday I was convinced that I was going to the anniversary meal of my in-laws. Not even aware of what awaited me! ”, She recounted in the moving film that the couple’s followers could see.

The video that Nicole Neumann shared to announce that she is getting married

For the announcement, the pilot chose a fragment of a letter from Frida Kahlo a Carlos Pellicer, Nicole’s favorite artist for the proposal ceremony. “Can you invent verbs? I want to tell you one: I heaven you, so my wings spread enormously to love you without measure. I feel that from our place of origin we have been together, that we are of the same matter, of the same waves, that we carry the same sense within. Your entire being, your genius and your prodigious humility are incomparable and you enrich life”, they read. And everything was summed up in emotional words by Fabián Cubero’s ex: “The most perfect night. The perfect sunset. 01/03/23.

On these days, Neumann y Urcera They are installed in Uruguay to take a well-deserved summer vacation, after a year of hard work. In this way, the couple enjoys Punta del Este, the favorite place for many Argentine celebrities and politicians to rest and relax.

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