Nigel Lawrence returns to the Griffins

After Cole Shuker’s contract extension, we can announce another contract extension / renewal, because Nigel Lawrence also wants to return to Rostock.

From the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA, FBS All American Tropical Bowl 2019 contestant Nigel Lawrence comes to reinforce the Griffin’s backfield.

At 184 cm and 90 kg, the model athlete is the desired reinforcement for the men around backfield coach legend Joe Roman. His instinct and his explosiveness as well as his football intelligence had already convinced the Griffin coaches in 2020 that Nigel is exactly the right player for the planned system. He also recognizes pass situations early on and is quick enough to come down the field to fill a gap if necessary. With 226 tackles, including 3 tackles for loss, 6 pass break ups and 3 forced fumbles, Lawrence has very strong personal statistics.

Nigel told us in a short interview: “I.After the much too short flying visit in March 2020, I’m still excited to join the Griffins family and return to Rostock! The city and my impressions of the team have made an impression on me. I still believe and have the feeling that the Griffins can play a great GFL2 season. So it was easy for me to choose the Griffins again “

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