Nikas Safronov spoke about a broken heart

The artist gave a candid interview

The famous artist Nikas Safronov in a recent conversation with reporters said that he did not celebrate Valentine’s Day. The painter prefers Orthodox holidays, namely the Family Day in honor of Saints Peter and Fevronia, but he has nothing against February 14.

Reflecting on relationships and love, Nikas admitted that for him there can be only one permanent love – this is love for art. Safronov is grateful to all the women who were in his life, as they gave him inspiration.

“I am grateful to all the women with whom life has connected me, and now I can say thank you. Thank you for being there. Thanks for leaving me. Today I understand that the woman with whom I could live my life did not attach importance to my passionate and devoted love. But there is one that I was often unfaithful to, but she is still with me: this is art, “Safronov admitted.

Answering journalists’ questions about the wedding, Nikas Stepanovich admitted that he strongly doubts that he will ever decide to join the knot, writes “Interlocutor”.

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