Niki Minaj first showed fans a photo of her 2-month-old son

Nicki Minaj, who gave birth in September, showed fans a photo of her 2-month-old son for the first time without painting her face. The 38-year-old actress posted a corresponding post on the Instagram microblog.

Image via: Instagram @ wetminaj

In the picture presented, Minaj’s son lies in a carrier. It can be seen that the clothes chosen for him are made by luxury brands. Apparently, the parents decided to accustom the boy to luxury from the cradle.

“Thank you for your support, kind words and love that accompanied me throughout the entire journey called pregnancy. It means a lot to me. Becoming a mother for the first time is the most difficult, painstaking and interesting job that I have had to do. I am sending words of love to all superhero mothers. I hug all the women who became pregnant during this difficult time of the pandemic, ”Minaj wrote.

The celebrity announced her pregnancy in July. The child’s father is Kenneth Petty. The singer chose one of the Los Angeles clinics for childbirth. The actress took motherhood seriously and even suspended her stage career for a while.

Fans have named the baby, whose name is kept secret by his parents, similar to Minaj. Some, looking at the picture, were moved and shed tears.


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