Nikola Jokic meets Evan Mobley at 3 a.m.!

After only four games last night, the NBA offers us a sublime evening with eleven games to attack the weekend well. Eleven basketball games, that means there will be something for everyone, with big teams on the program and a nice little match at 3am. Ladies and gentlemen, ask for the program!


  • 1h : Sixers-Bulls
  • 1h : Pacers-Blazers
  • 1h30: Pelicans-Nets
  • 1h30: Raptors-Knicks
  • 2h: Thunder-Wizards
  • 2h: Bucks-Hornets
  • 2h: Spurs-Pistons
  • 3h : Wolves-Clippers
  • 3h : Nuggets-Cavaliers
  • 4h : Suns-Heat
  • 4:30: Lakers-Hawks


Nuggets-Cavaliers, 3h : Sympathetic poster between the current king of the Western conference and the very attractive fourth of the East. The Cavaliers will have a lot to do on the road, since they are deprived of Darius Garland… but also of Donovan Mitchell. Without Dada and Dodo, the offensive responsibility will no doubt lie with Evan Mobley, the man who finished the Suns to pull off a big win Wednesday night. Note the absence of Ricky Rubio also, in fact the Cavs will perhaps play the assistant coaches huh. Well, more seriously, the ability of this team to fight in the absence of its two offensive leaders will be closely observed. Opposite, no quarter: apart from Jeff Green, everyone will be there to smoke the troupe of JB Bickerstaff. After turning off the Clippers last night, Nikola Jokic and his family will have only one desire, namely to repeat the performance against the evening visitors. Jamal Murray, Michael Porter Jr, Aaron Gordon Bones Hyland, everyone will be on hand to participate in the party. Big game in perspective, so set your alarm clocks!


  • The Bulls will try to score another victory against a great team from the East, it would look good on the roster
  • Kevin Durant and his clique travel to Louisiana to recover against Pelicans amputated by Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram
  • The Hornets are going to get screwed again.
  • The Clippers must react against the Wolves, a small duel of not terrible teams to support at the moment.
  • Can the Lakers take a fourth success in a row?
  • Spurs – Pistons, aka the game where both teams want to lose.
  • The Raptors want to get a basket before the end of the first quarter tonight, apparently.
  • Will the Pacers continue to annoy the bookmakers against the Blazers?
  • Suns-Heat, volume 2 of the not terrible teams to support at the moment.

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