Nine year old saves little sister from armed thief

All respect, Ethan Walker is an incredibly brave boy. The online portal “” reports on the courageous heroic deed of the nine-year-old, referring to a Facebook message from the Police Department in Moody, Alabama. According to this, the boy managed to get his sister at an armed robbery to bring to safety.


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Highly dangerous situation at a gas station

It was Thursday, January 7th when Kristin Walker was out in the car with her children Ethan and Audrey. She wanted to refuel briefly – and of course had no idea what distress they would all get into. While Kristin – who is pregnant with the third child – got out to fill the tank, the children sat in the back seat. Everything happened very quickly now. Suddenly an armed man appeared and jumped into the driver’s seat. “When the man jumped into the front seat, I rushed on him and pulled out the keys. Then he aimed the gun at me,” the mother told “”.

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Ethan reacted calmly and deliberately

In this exciting situation, Ethan managed to keep his head clear. He had been sitting behind his mother and now jumped out, ran around the back of the car and got his sister out of the danger zone at lightning speed. He told a local TV channel that it was perfectly clear to him that the man wanted to steal the car. Ultimately, his mother couldn’t prevent it either.

Still the three were got away with the shock. While the thief was driving away in their car, they informed the police from the petrol station shop.

“He did a fantastic job”

Kristin is incredibly happy with her great man’s presence of mind. “I’m so proud of him that he protected our family,” she said. “We’re not victims. They may have taken our car, but we didn’t allow them to take anything else from us … Our story is about hope and confidence in a dark world.”

Ethan’s father Brian is also very happy about the good outcome, and he praises the son for his courageous action. “He did a fantastic job”. And that should also be honored by the police station.

For the thieves, there was a second man involved, the matter ended badly anyway. Rankin County officials managed to catch the two perpetrators “after a brief vehicle chase”. There were two 18 and 23 year old men from Jackson, Mississippi, who are now accused of armed robbery and vehicle theft.

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