Nintendo: Grandma receives 6 consoles by mistake and the company gives them to her!

Written in TECNO GAME the 23/12/2021 · 17:00 hs

Nintendo lived one of its best years in 2020 and 2021, this due to the great launches it had, in addition to the much more homelike dynamics that the whole world went through due to the sanitary conditions. This of course translated into multi-million dollar profits for the company in addition to the obvious shortage of consoles.

While the consoles Nintendo Switch y Nintendo Switch OLED have been highly coveted throughout 2021, demand increased punctually at the end of the year, in the high supply seasons and Christmas. Currently getting some of these parts can be really difficult, therefore there is no shortage of the smart that tries to resell these coveted consoles at double or triple their price.

With this contextwhat would you do if you received by mistake 6 of these consoles? It would be practically a gift of thousands of pesos in insured sales. Well, this happened to Deborah Lewis, a sweet old woman from Phoenix Arizona, United States, but unlike many, she decided to return the Nintendo Switch in several attempts, but the Target store, responsible for the confusion, decided to reward her honesty by giving them away so that He could give them as gifts among his 8 grandchildren, as specified by one of his employees:

“On behalf of Target and the local store down this street, we want to give them to you to give to your grandchildren or whoever you want.”

This fact shows that once again he succeeded in good, hopefully this act is a precedent to always act honestly.

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