Nizhny Novgorod women knit and sew for soldiers October 25, 2022

Soul demands

Lyubov Gorshkova, a resident of Lyskov, has a son participating in a special military operation. He is a contractor. And in early October, his nephew put on a military uniform – he received a summons.

“Of course, I worry about them,” Lyubov Alexandrovna shares. – And how many of them are there – such guys! I really want to support them.”

And Lyubov Alexandrovna took up the knitting needles.

“My grandmother knitted very well,” says the Lyskov woman. “This has become my favorite pastime. I have been knitting since childhood. I had several pairs of socks knitted. She gave three pairs to her son, two pairs to her nephew. The frost will start soon. How about warm socks? And then I thought: what about the other guys?

Lyubov Alexandrovna now takes up knitting in every free minute. Their stocks of balls are already running out. A neighbor brought yarn, and even acquaintances gave old knitted things – the daughter and granddaughter are now dismissing them.

A dozen pairs of socks Lyubov Alexandrovna has already knitted. The daughter hands over the finished things to Lyskovo volunteers who are collecting humanitarian aid.

“I knit quickly – a pair of socks in a day,” says the craftswoman. – I knit and think about our soldiers. They are all like children for me – I want to warm everyone with the warmth of my heart. If I could pass these things into their hands myself, I would wish: be alive and well!”

Having sent another batch of socks, Lyubov Alexandrovna will again take up knitting needles and yarn.

“I will knit for our guys until the operation is over,” says our heroine.

The yarn is not cheap now, but there are already those who want to help the Lyskov woman with money.

“When I found out about Lyubov Alexandrovna, her maternal care for our defenders touched me,” Elena Makarova, a resident of Nizhny Novgorod, a mother of four, shared with us. – I will transfer money for the purchase of yarn as much as I can. I would like to somehow help our soldiers. Why? Because the soul demands.

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