No flu cases in Israel this winter


The main reasons are named

Influenza is one of the most unpleasant diseases that can cause a person to give up work or school for several weeks. Hundreds of thousands of cases of respiratory ailments are recorded annually. However, the situation began to gradually improve for certain reasons.

Thus, according to data received from the National Center for Disease Control, this year in Israel no cases of influenza have been identified. They wrote about this on the portal “Details».

It is noted that this does not mean that there are no other ailments besides the coronavirus. Thus, doctors observe a moderate increase in the incidence of pneumonia, although the overall level of the number of respiratory patients continues to fall. This conclusion can be made despite the fact that January has practically just begun.

The specialists decided to tell what the reasons for such positive dynamics are.

In addition, according to experts, the decrease in the incidence is due to the increase in the level of vaccination against influenza and other similar ailments. In addition, quarantine restrictions from COVID-19 have also borne fruit. For example, the passenger traffic was seriously reduced not only in Israel. The mask regime also contributed to the fact that people became less infected with the flu.

Speaking specifically about risk groups, the group of people over 65 suffers especially from the danger of complications of influenza, then this year the vaccination rate is 68 percent. Compared to last year, the figure has grown by almost 10 percent. It is safe to say that the vaccination situation is getting better.

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As a reminder, the doctor explained how to tell the difference between colds, flu and coronavirus. Dr. Robert Chinchila, the head of the emergency department at Einstein Medical Center in Montgomery, spoke about how to distinguish coronavirus from the flu and the common cold. One of the more common symptoms of coronavirus is loss of smell or taste and high fever. With a cold, the patient usually has no fever.

It was also reported that scientists have discovered a new way to fight the flu. Scientists at the EPFL Supramolecular Nanomaterials and Interfaces Laboratory (SuNMIL) at the School of Engineering, working in collaboration with a team led by Caroline Tapparel, professor in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Medicine at the University of Geneva, have synthesized a compound that can kill the virus that causes influenza

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