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No replacement necessary



Andy Harrison realized that Christian teens had something he seemed to be missing out on. Today’s “Planetshakers” musician and youth pastor found fulfillment in Jesus Christ. He says: “If you take God out of the equation, you look for a replacement.”

Andy Harrison grew up in Tasmania, “that is the small island in the south of Australia. It’s like our version of Alaska, ”jokes the musician and youth pastor. “It’s the coldest part of Australia and a little remote. My parents are great people, I grew up in a Christian family. “

He took drum lessons at an early age, at the age of six, and a few years later he played in the band in the Christian community. “I already knew a lot about God then, but I didn’t know him personally.”

At 13 he went to a Christian youth camp; “If I’m honest, I went there because there was a girl who interested me.”

“I saw that I was missing something”

But then he met Jesus Christ in this camp. «I watched the other young people and saw that I was actually missing something. They all seemed to know more than I did. “

At that moment he really wanted to get to know God. “I invited Jesus into my life, asked him for forgiveness of my sins and for a right relationship with God.” He returned from this camp completely changed and fulfilled.

Then in high school he began “really chasing after God and getting to know him, so I wanted to find out how other young people can get to know him too.”

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«These are my people»

He learned that «Planetshakers» conference know, to which around 3000 young people came. “They went nuts. They were so passionate about God, they were so loud and they expressed what I felt about God inside. And I thought to myself: ‘These are my people.’ “

Over the years he became a drummer with the band “Planetshakers”, which is part of the “Planetshakers Church” in Melbourne, Australia; Harrison is now a youth pastor in the ward.

The formation, founded in 2000, usually goes on a world tour, including to Switzerland, where the band talked to Livenet at the Springtime Festival about how God changes human lives.

“Everything we need is in Jesus,” explains Andy Harrison. “When we take God out of the equation, we start looking for a replacement. And the current generation worldwide is trying to teach a younger generation with things that are a substitute for what God already is. “

The gods of this generation

In his book “Jesus Over Everything” and in a song from the album of the same name he speaks of “the gods of this generation – and the things that the world has set up to replace them. And we see if they give us what we need, even though we already have God who wants to give us everything we really need. “

If we find Jesus, we will find real life, explains Andy Harrison. «Every time we focus on ourselves, we only notice weakness and begin to doubt. But when our focus is on Jesus and who He is, joy is a natural response. “

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