No, this rioter is not an “antifa”, but a support for Donald Trump

This supporter of Donald Trump is among the rioters who invaded the Capitol on Wednesday. – Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP / SIPA

  • Jake Angeli, sometimes referred to as the “Q Shaman,” was pictured among rioters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday in Washington.
  • A lawyer supporting Donald Trump argued that the protester would be an “antifa”.
  • However, several sources show that Jake Angeli is a follower of the QAnon movement.

Edit: Addition on January 11 of the paragraph on the indictment of Jake Angeli.

Photos of the man, shirtless, his face painted in the colors of the American flag, his shoulders and head covered in fur, toured the world after the Capitol, which houses the Senate and the House of Representatives, took was overrun by rioters on Wednesday.

Supporters of Donald Trump, such as lawyer Lin Wood,
assured that this man, far from being a supporter of the outgoing president, was in reality an “antifa” who would have entered the building to sow chaos. An assertion that echoes statements by Donald Trump who, during his presidency,
repeated several times that there was an “antifa” threat in the United States.

Lin Wood accompanied his tweet with a photo that allegedly showed the man at a rally in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, without providing any evidence that it was a manifestation of this movement. Twitter has since suspended the lawyer’s account.

The false claim, relayed to another account, was there retweetée more than 42,000. The rioter is however well identified, in particular as being a follower of the QAnon movement, linked to a conspiracy theory according to which satanist pedophiles are plotting against Donald Trump.


According to The Arizona Republic, the man’s name is Jake Angeli. The newspaper describes him as a follower of this movement, which has been demonstrating regularly since at least 2019 in front of the Arizona Capitol. He told the newspaper to wear this outfit to attract attention and then explain his theories.

Eric Westervelt, a journalist for NPR, the American public radio, confirms that the man is a follower of the QAnon movement. He explained that he interviewed him in November in Arizona at a demonstration in support of Donald Trump. “He was telling dangerously delusional misinformation about the election and the Covid-19,” he said on Twitter.

Sometimes nicknamed “QChaman”, Jake Angeli had filmed in September with a sign “Q sent me” shouting conspiracy theory in a mall. The letter “Q” is an allusion to the alleged initiator of the theory.

On Wednesday, the man told a reporter from the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, that the police let him out of the Senate chamber without arresting him.

Jake Angeli – pseudonym of Jacob Anthony Chansley, according to American justice – was eventually charged January 9. He is accused “of having entered or knowingly stayed in a building or prohibited land without legal authorization, and of having entered with violence and of having behaved in disorder on the Capitol site”. Two other men were also charged and detained.

Angeli himself seems to have denied Lin Wood’s claim, explaining on Twitter not to be “antifa” or support of the movement “Black Lives Matter”. As for the photo which would show him at a demonstration in support of the latter, it has been truncated. The whole photo
the watch with a “Q sent me” sign.

The QAnon conspiracy theory emerged in 2017 on the 4Chan forum. His followers believe in particular that Donald Trump, helped by the military, is leading a battle against satanist pedophiles who are conspiring to overthrow him, remember this article from Bellingcat.



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