Nogales will not host migrants seeking political asylum to the US


They will be channeled to El Paso, Texas, while their immigration status is resolved

Pedro Sánchez Malacara·February 22, 2021

As a preventive measure against the Covid, Nadir Alí Fernández Villasana, regional head of the National Institute of Migration, explained that Nogales stopped housing migrants seeking political asylum in the United States.

Nadir Fernández explained that people who arrive in the border city requesting asylum from the US authorities will be placed on a waiting list and handed over to the Arizona authorities, who will channel them to El Paso, Texas, while their immigration status is resolved.

“Right now there is the virus pandemic that does not allow us to work as it should be, we cannot house the migrants in a station because they are all together and we would get into the same problems that everyone else is in,” said the official.


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