Oaxacan migrant disappears in the California desert, USA

Oaxaca.- A young woman from Oaxaca state desperately looking for her husband Christian Velázquezafter he mysteriously disappeared after leaving his home in search of cross into the United States and, with it, fulfill the “American dream”.

Given the strange disappearance of the man in the territory of the neighboring northern country, his wife has been left completely in charge of supporting their three children, all of them minors.

The case has drawn the attention of the social networks and the media Mexicans due to previous messages via the app WhatsApp received by the couple of the Oaxacan man who disappeared in the california desertwhere he detailed that he was entering the Californian area, after which he did not hear from him again.

Along with the messages where the man referred to Martha Alonso that he along with the group of immigrants They were entering the American desert, he attached a selfie where he was seen in that place.

According to what was detailed by the young wife, the father of her three children disappeared on July 16, after which, with several printed copies of the last photo sent by Velázquez, she undertook her own search.

“Well, what we are waiting for is to know about him, what happened, not anymore, the only thing we want is to know where he is, how he is. We hope that he is fine, that is the only thing we are waiting for now,” Martha Alonso declared in interview with Imagen Noticias, who remarked that they hope he is alive.

The aforementioned information medium pointed out that Christian’s plan, 32 years old, was, once he arrived in the United States, be employed as a laborer in the North American nation, with the aim of sending money to his family in Mexico to build a house.

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“We have three children aged 5 years, 4 years and a 3-month-old baby,” mentioned the woman who has now been left in charge of the full support of the minors.

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