Olga Sumskaya: Take care of each other and gather at a common table more often!

Actress Olga Sumskaya


On January 5, the new issue of Telescope magazine will go on sale. Olga Sumskaya is on the cover.

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Read in the latest issue of the weekly Teleskop:

  • Olga Sumskaya not only skillfully transforms into different images on stage and on the set, but also cooks deliciously. Telescope could not miss the opportunity to talk to her about the culinary customs associated with Christmas, and at the same time asked about the decoration of the house, the traditions of fortune telling and the ability to create a fabulous atmosphere.
  • In late December, 22-year-old singer NIKITA LOMAKIN unveiled LAVA, the title track of his upcoming album. The disc plans to present it towards the end of January. In the meantime, the artist is putting the finishing touches on, “TOP” visited his studio in order to distract him from work for a while and play the game “Either or or”.
  • January 9 is an excellent opportunity to keep the festive mood alive and dance heartily. After all, International Choreographers Day! For inspiration, “TOP” proposes to revise the brightest and most diverse films about dances, which he prudently collected in the “TOP-View” section.
  • The most red-haired, tattooed and smiling hit maker of our time, Ed Sheeran, has finally found happiness in his personal life. He loves to sing, call albums with mathematical signs (“+”, “x”, “/”), entertain fans and donate tickets to his concerts. Meanwhile, Ed is sometimes very seriously moping. He also has a mania for hoarding houses. Cherry Seaborn’s classmate agreed to accept it with such a colorful baggage. You will find the love story of a sweet couple in the new issue of Telescope magazine.
  • The 10-episode novel “Emily in Paris” about a young American woman sent to Paris by chance, has everything to please the viewer. And a catchy plot, and humor, and love-friendship-jealousy, and designer outfits, and a lot of real France. TOP found compelling reasons to watch the series during the New Year holidays. If you haven’t done so already, of course J.
  • The icon of the 70s, which has gone from Broadway to the heights of the film Olympus and back, celebrates its 80th anniversary on January 14. The obstinate character spoiled a lot in the life of Faye Dunaway, but did not prevent her from entering his name in the book of Hollywood fame. How was the fate of the film star, we tell in the heading “TOP-Legends”.
  • Leaving the bad news behind, 2021 immediately engages in a maelstrom of long-awaited projects, interesting facts and fun discoveries. The first portion is already waiting for you in the latest issue of Telescope magazine.
  • 145 years ago, the first artificial ice rink was opened in London, which immediately became one of the favorite entertainment of children and adults. TOP learned how they created winter joy for all seasons.
  • The era of artificial intelligence has already arrived – every year the programs are becoming more advanced. The attitude to this topic has always been wary, people looked with apprehension at the possibility of a sincere friendship between a person and a highly intelligent technique. Over the years, this mistrust only intensified, and, as “TOP” found out, it is not unreasonable …
  • Lazy clown – this is the name of this insect originally from South Brazil. But the nickname absolutely does not reflect the real essence of the most dangerous caterpillar on the planet. What is the inconsistency, we tell in the heading “TAILS”.
  • Knitted, fur, knitted, fluffy, with and without a pompom … Each headdress requires special care. So how to wash an accessory so that it does not lose its shape and presentable appearance? “TOP” figured out the issue.
  • People are used to taking care of their health when it comes to viral or infectious diseases. But they rarely pay attention to “invisible enemies” that quietly undermine the body. One of them is incorrect body position. What poses need to be forgotten once and for all, our editorial doctor knows.
  • Very soon, the New Year holidays will end and you will have to return to your work routine. Doing this after a long relaxation is often very difficult. How to collect your thoughts and solve complex problems if there is a fog in your head? The answers are already in the “TOP-Contact” section.
  • For those who are so into the taste of the holidays that they are going to spend the Old New Year at a generously laid table, TOP-Culinary Specialist has selected several recipes for delicious dishes, the preparation of which does not require much effort and time. Don’t thank!
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