Ollin Sexton and his team almost won a 3 vs 5 match!

Five years ago, in November 2017, an unprecedented event occurred that we may not see again in the NCAA. He implies Collin Sextonthe Utah Jazz player and his Alabama Crimson Tide team, opposed to the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Sexton and Alabama almost won a match… 3 against 5.10

“It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced,” confided Jordan MurphyMinnesota player.

It all started with an altercation, expulsions and an injury. It was first a confusion that broke out on the field, leading to the exclusion of five (!!!) Alabama players at once. The five substitutes have indeed left the bench to enter the floor at the start of the fight.

The Crimson Tide therefore found themselves 5 against 5, without a substitute. Then at 4 after the fifth fault of Dazon Ingram. And finally at 3 after the injury of John Petty.

The Grand LIVE of the Free Agency NBA team by team

They were then led by 13 points with 10 minutes remaining. And the unthinkable almost happened. Worn by Collin Sexton, then freshman, and his 40 points, Alabama came back to three small lengths with one minute remaining. Sexton, drafted in 6th position in 2017, then missed a mid-range shot that could have allowed his team to reduce the gap to one point.

Minnesota ultimately won 89-84. But this crazy scenario and these images will be remembered forever.

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