Olsen on Kentucky and TikTok

Let’s take a look back. Before you came to Altach you played in the United States as well as in your native Denmark. Compared to the possibilities at SCRA, how good were the training conditions at your previous stations?

The facilities at the University of Kentucky were just amazing. Everything you could imagine and what you need was there, it was a very nice experience. On the other hand, in the Danish league, the facilities are not as good as here, but we were still satisfied with the possibilities. The conditions at the SCR Altach are really great. I particularly like how close we are to the men’s team, since we are also based on campus and can play our home games like the men in the CASHPOINT Arena.

Is there a goal in life for you – e.g. B. In which league do you want to play one day?

One of my goals has always been that I want to play in the Spanish, German or French league.

And what about your goals for this season at SPG?

My goals for this season are for us to be successful as a team and finish in the top 3. I think we have a really good team this year and if we do our best I’m sure we can play at the top of the league. I personally want to help the team as much as possible by playing well, scoring goals, providing assists, etc.

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