Olya Tsibulskaya touchingly congratulated her son on his birthday

Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Olya Tsibulskaya touched the network with rare shots, where she showed her son Nestor. On Wednesday, January 6, the boy celebrates his birthday, and on this occasion, the star mom shared his childhood photos and videos.

Children’s birthday is always a special holiday. In particular, on this day, parents are the happiest, because they seem to once again experience those incredible emotions that they experienced when they first took their blood in their hands. So, on the birthday of her son, Olya Tsibulskaya congratulated him on his personal page in instagramby sharing a joyful event with a multi-thousand audience of subscribers.

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Olya Tsibulskaya congratulated her son on his birthday

In the note, the artist distributed a video and a photo where she showed her little son. Nestor slept on his own chest, smiling tenderly. And then she held him in her arms, starred in a joint photo shoot and got crazy pleasure from every moment of motherhood.

A son is the most precious gift in the life of a celebrity. She does not hide her boundless love for her firstborn and emphasizes that he is a real man.

“Who do you think Nestor is more like: dad or me? Son, happy birthday! Hour wrote a touching message under these photos and deleted it. A real man only inspires a smile and love. You are real. Philosophy is” chewing snot “. There is no time for her. A man does not explain his fiasco. He is looking for new experience and heights. Live. Shine. Be healthy and happy. We – mom and dad – are always with you and for you. 6 years is already very serious. Everything as you like “, – wrote Cybulskaya in the publication.

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