“Olympic baby” celebrated its birthday

Nine years ago, the camp opened its doors to children from all over the Tyumen region. Today this place is not only for sports and gifted students.

Today, congratulations are heard from all over the Tyumen region. Olympic kid – 9 years old. If a child only learns life by this age, then the children’s center over the years takes shape, structure and, most importantly, the recognition and love of the pupils themselves. For some children, this is the first shift in the camp, and someone comes here for the fifth or even tenth time.

Unforgettable atmosphere, professional counselors and, of course, a rich program. There are enough activities and entertainment here – from creative circles to sports. Every day is different. For example, boat rides in the morning, exciting quests in the afternoon, and the evening ends with a holiday on the playground. By the way, the camp already has its own traditions.

Also, the “Olympic Child” has been hosting sports competitions and sports competitions of the Russian and international levels for many years. Focusing on sports and a healthy lifestyle distinguishes the camp from other children’s centers in the region.

“Oh – Olympian, s – family!”. Every child knows this motto of the camp, and with each visit here it takes on a new meaning. Happy birthday, “Olympic baby”!

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