Omar Vizquel unveiled Hall of Fame voter

On this Tuesday, the journalist Ken Rosenthal He recounted in a column for The Athletic how hard it was for him to vote for the Hall of Fame in 2021, taking into account the scandals of prohibited substance use and domestic violence of some candidates. However, he acknowledged that the vote that revealed him was that of Venezuelan Omar Vizquel.

«[Curt] Schilling is not the one who kept me awake at night after I submitted my ballot, the one who had me almost panicking, thinking I had made a big mistake. No, [Omar] Vizquel is the one with whom I am fighting the most », confessed Rosenthal, who is also thinking about not voting for the Hall of Fame.

In the column, Rosenthal, who also works with Fox Sports and is one of the most recognized baseball journalists in the United States, said that the domestic violence scandal of Omar Vizquel to his wife, Blanca Vizquel, was the biggest obstacle to vote for him, but who ended up giving him his vote for everything he did in the Major League Baseball (MLB), sportingly speaking.

Weeks ago, The Athletic had published a report on the case for which Omar is accused, where new testimonies came out that support what Blanca said in her constant complaints. Currently, the former player is being investigated by the MLB for that case and for an incident that occurred in 2019 with the minor league affiliate of the White Sox, Birmingham Barons Double-A.

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This problem, which would have also involved a male member of the team, would have caused Vizque to be fired as manager, according to what has been previously reported.

Where, then, are the new MLB female leaders?

Rosenthal recounts in his column that, when he was debating with himself about his vote for Vizquel, he wondered about the new women who have obtained important positions in MLB in the last year, like Kim Ng, new general manager of the Miami Marlins.

How would they feel [estas mujeres]upon seeing a player who was credibly accused of domestic abuse chosen for the Hall [de la Fama]?», is the question that the journalist asked himself, although the investigation initiated by the MLB on Vizquel has not ended.

In his long career through the Big Top, of 2,709 games, the Latino won a total of 11 Golden Gloves.


“I’m just frustrated, frustrated with the inconsistencies that we cannot avoid, the false equivalences we create, the rationalizations that require leaps of logic. Maybe I’m overthinking things while sitting at home, locked up like so many others during the pandemic. Perhaps voting is simply like life, full of contradictions. But I ask myself: if I can no longer feel satisfied with my choices, what is the point of voting? ”Is the last paragraph of the column.

Written by: Dayana Villalobos Dimare
Twitter e Instagram: @_dayanavdimare

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