On dvd the zombeschi infected of Mutant

The great work of rediscovery of past genre celluloid on digital support carried out by High Show commendably continues with the DVD of Mutant. Unedited film circulated in our area on DB Video videocassette, a title dated 1984 which, little celebrated, therefore deserves even more attention. A title started by Mark Rossman director of Don’t go to that college but ended since John “Bud” Cardos to whom we owe the little known The darkness.

A title in which we find the good character actor Wings Hauser flanked by Lee Montgomery who has been active in the field of moving images since he was a child.

After all, horror fans could easily remember him in Macabre ballad, Death night e Ben’s last chargesequel to Willard e i topi. And the two are here two brothers who, on vacation in the southern United States, end up with their car broken down. All following the attack by a small group of not at all rural; consequently finding himself spending the night in an isolated town. Situation that immediately generates curiosity in the viewer, eager to know what is hidden in the place; especially following the discovery of several disfigured corpses.

As it is the functional union between the contrasted photography of Al Taylor and the music of Richard Band to embellish the atmosphere of mystery. An atmosphere that characterizes the slow pace of narration intended to transport Mutant from the parts of the zombie movie. Why, while the great Bo Hopkins Of Tentacles enters the role of sheriff, the damage caused by the toxic waste of a chemical factory is discovered. Toxic waste that eventually turned many local residents into pale, aggressive mutants with a searing touch.

Pale and aggressive mutants who inevitably prove to be the attraction of the over hour and a half of vision with a strong ecological aftertaste.

Over an hour and a half of vision including in the good cast also the Cary Guffey of the Spielbergian Close encounters of the third kind. The little boy who also flanked Bid Spencer in An extraterrestrial sheriff… a little extraterrestrial and very terrestrial and sequels, so to speak. Up to the eventful and enthralling closing siege protester in Mutant clear echoes coming from the super classic Night of the Living Dead Of George A. Romero. With original trailer in the extras section of the disc and a movie poster included inside the amaray sleeve.

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