On May 4, 1945, the resistance of the Nazi troops in North-West Germany completely ceased.

EagleTimes continues the series of mini-stories “In the footsteps of the Great Victory”. Until May 9, we will acquaint you with the events of this day in 1945.

May 4, 1945, 1413th day of the war: directive to start the Prague operation

On May 4, the command of the 1st Ukrainian Front issued a directive to start the Prague operation. The troops, advancing rapidly, were to defeat the Dresden-Gorlitsk grouping of the enemy. The tank armies were to capture the capital of Czechoslovakia – Prague. The date of the operation was also determined – May 7.

On this day 76 years ago, the pilots of the 51st mine and torpedo regiment sank the battleship «Silesian» in the roadstead of the German naval base Swinemünde. In addition to the battleship, an auxiliary cruiser was sunk «Orionґ “, six transports with a total displacement of 29,000 tons, two destroyers, two minesweepers and a patrol ship.

Correspondent «Izvestia» This is how he describes the life of Berlin occupied by the Red Army: «We move to the eastern bank of the Spree. Here, too, destroyed barricades, and here, too, columns of captured Germans are walking to the rear over the stones. The sun is breaking through the smoke of the conflagration. Berliners emerge from the basements where they were hiding from the bombing. Two on a stick are dragging suitcases, the third comes up and asks for bread. Carts are being rolled, some are dragging dead horses to the ruins and fresh them there. «Hitler’s coat!» their first word, and the second «of bread»».

According to the Sovinformburo, on May 4, 26 German tanks were knocked out and destroyed on all fronts. In air battles and anti-aircraft artillery fire, 14 enemy aircraft were shot down.

The resistance of the German troops in North-West Germany completely ceased

General Montgomery informed General Eisenhower that all German troops stationed in Holland, Northwest Germany, Denmark, Heligoland Island and the Frisian Islands had surrendered to the 21st Allied Group.

There were 5 days left before the Great Victory.

Author: Evgeny Kuznetsov

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