on the map of Kaliningrad appeared Sakura, Friendship Alleys and Krymsky Square

In Kaliningrad, a pilot project on systemic landscaping of the regional center “Green Land” has been launched.

The so-called “green” subbotnik took place in all microdistricts of the city. Sakura alley was planted along Elizavetinskaya street near the Yantarny sports palace on Selma. At the expense of benefactors, large-sized trees were purchased – well-formed adult trees.

With proper planting and proper care, they have an almost 100% survival rate and, due to their size, immediately visually form the landscape, decorating the territory.

The new alley was laid in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Kaliningrad region and the number of cherry trees planted here is equal to the anniversary date.

Tree planting these days also took place in the village named after A. Kosmodemyansky, Chkalovsk, on Gorky Street, Moskovsky Prospekt and Solnechny Boulevard.

Almost a hundred trees were planted in the Vostok microdistrict, on Livadiyskaya street. The new square was named “Crimean”.

And at the house number 11 on Oleg Koshevoy Street, the Friendship Alley appeared. Saplings of irgi, Norway maple and linden were planted by the City Council deputies Aleksey Sagaidak and Yuri Samorodov, as well as Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government Alexey Silanov

While the adults were planting the alley, the children actively came up with a name for it. After all, the luckiest one was entitled to a serious prize – a robot vacuum cleaner. The lucky one was to be determined by the jury, the chairman of which the deputies chose Alexei Silanov.

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– Not so long ago, modern residential buildings appeared here, very well-groomed adjoining territories. Today we saw how the residents of high-rise buildings were planted with flower beds. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart for such good deeds. Because everything looks like a masterpiece, I would say. With a design approach. In my opinion, when both the authorities and the townspeople in a single impulse improve the city, this will persist for a long time.

“You can see that in parallel with the planting of trees, the improvement of children’s and sports grounds, painting of the fence and benches is taking place,” Alexey Silanov told the journalists of the Caravan.su portal.

During the disembarkation, Aleksey Nikolayevich suggested to his colleagues how to properly fill up the seedlings, so that they would begin and eventually turn into a beautiful alley.

– I have a lot of life and professional experience in this matter. I grew up in the countryside and I am used to and close to work on the ground and with the land. Secondly, for almost nine years I ran an institution for orphans, where agricultural labor was the basis of everything. Together with the guys, we fully provided ourselves with vegetables: we grew, harvested, harvested, salted, fermented … All these skills are very useful in life, and today, in particular.

Alexey Silanov found it difficult to answer how many trees he had already planted, but he remembers very well how it all began.

– I was a primary school student in the village of Krasnolesye, Nesterovsky District, where the Vishtynetsk Environmental Museum is now located. We patronized the Nesterovsky forestry enterprise. And then our whole life was connected with the forest. We worked on weeding planting material, clearing the forest, planting seedlings. It was then that the first tree planted, and flowers, etc. were planted. And I still love this work to this day. Because this is creation, the result of your labor. It is a clear understanding that what is happening today is durable.

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