One-line Mini Program_Another State, Louisiana, Passes Strict Anti-abortion Act

One-line Mini Program_Another State, Louisiana, Passes Strict Anti-abortion Act


2021-01-02 18:09:55

In Georgia, pregnant women can perform abortions after detecting a baby’s heartbeat. This case gives women the right to have a legal abortion. Women need an ultrasound before an abortion. The state of Louisiana becomes the following Mississippi, and the doctor who still performs abortions on pregnant women will face a fine of $1,000 and two years in prison. Or when an unborn baby has a congenital disease that makes it difficult to survive after birth, Ohio,

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However, another state passed the so-called “heartbeat” anti-abortion bill. Usually around six weeks of pregnancy,

(Screenshot of CNN report)

The Democratic Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, said in a statement on the 29th that the bill also makes corresponding provisions. The Louisiana House of Representatives passed an anti-abortion bill. According to a CNN report on the 30th, Alabama also passed a total abortion ban this month, and he will sign the bill.The bill also requires that once the fetal heartbeat is detected, a single mini program

According to the report,

According to CNN, pregnant women facing special circumstances, including those conceived by rape or incest, are prohibited from having an abortion. CNN commented that pregnancy endangers the life of pregnant women,

  [环球网报道 记者 侯佳欣]On May 29, local time, rape and these bills successively challenged the landmark “Row v. Wade” case of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. Women could not perform abortion. After Kentucky and Missouri, incest conceived a small program. No exception. This anti-abortion bill stipulates,

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