Operation against human trafficking in Montgomery County leaves 30 people arrested: know the details | Videos | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

sectors temperatures in 40,when will it arrive at ourregion, rainy activity,forward.presenter: increased trafficHuman in the United States.an important arrestmade by the countymontgomery, daniel tells them whatdo if you detect a caseof this type.reporter: one more lazarettolarge, 30 people finishedtaken in montgomery aftera human trafficking operationand sexual. one of the greatsproblems of our state.>> unfortunately kind ofincidents are hardly reported,because people havepeople who catch it.reporter: 79,000 children whosuffer human taffic, cango from sexual activity toforced labor, and many areimmigrants.>> they bring people withfalse promises of workcleaning houses, taking care of children,but once they are here,people force them toprostitute and many timesthese people have allinformation of relatives, offriends, and threaten them withhurt him.reporter: the problem is sobigger than the officemayor has a divisionespecially for this problem.even the houston policethrough social networkslanó on the day ofawareness of this crimeabout the dangers on the internetand how can your childrenend up being exploited.this flower means there is aminor involved. acrown, is relative to aprocurer. if we see all theseheolysis we can read thenext sentence, they pay moneyto record having sex witha minor personparked trafficked or aprocurer. it’s important to knowwhat do our children do withthe mobile phones.>> any activitysuspicious that you perceive,dare to call theauthorities.reporter: the congresswomanintroduced a law, at the levelstate are being madeefforts to eradicate thiswrong, federal organizations and

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