Organizations Celebrate Achievements for Illinois Immigrant Community – NBC Chicago

CHICAGO – Immigrant rights organizations gathered Wednesday at Piotrowski Park in Little Village to celebrate the progress they have made for refugees and the immigrant community in Illinois.

“The importance of this event is celebrating all the triumphs that have been made as an organization and more than anything, and one that is worth mentioning is the fact that insurance is stopped after the age of 42,” said Angélica García, from Casa Michoacán.

They also highlighted a financial aid of $38 million to provide services for immigrants and also the expansion of the state credit for earned income including those who use an ITIN number to file taxes.

“These are only the first steps that we have begun to take, but we have a long way to go, to continue looking for affordable houses for our people, an immigration reform,” said Blanca Beltrán, from the Palenque Isna organization.

Celina Villanueva, state senator of the 11th district, thanked the efforts of these organizations and commented that they will work on expanding health coverage for the young population.

“In our state of Illinois, young people up to 18 can access or can enter the All Kids program, which is health care for children and young people, but we want to lower the age of 42 to fill that gap that still exists,” he explained. Senator Villanueva.

During the celebration, certificates were given to members of organizations and state leaders for their work and support of the immigrant community.

Another of the achievements highlighted in this meeting is the creation of a team in charge of ensuring that people who are facing a deportation process have legal advice.

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