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The name Nikolai comes from the ancient Greek name Nikolaos, which translates as “conqueror of nations”.

On August 11, 2021, the day of the angel Nicholas is celebrated. On this day, you can congratulate relatives and friends of Nikolaev on the name day.

What does the name Nikolai mean? The name comes from the ancient Greek name Nikolaos, which translates as “conqueror of nations”.

When to celebrate the Day of the Angel Nicholas?

The name day of Nicholas 2021 according to the Orthodox calendar is celebrated January 6, February 16, 17, March 11, 13, 15, 22, May 3, 7, 22, 29, 30, August 9, 11, October 5, 6, 8, October 10, 13, 25, 12, December 19, 29.

The meaning of the name Nikolai is associated with such character traits as poise, hard work and efficiency. Nikolai grows strong and healthy since childhood, rarely gets sick. Among his peers, he is distinguished by strength, activity and ingenuity. Nikolay is able to master any profession, he will earn good money. In a team, he is easy to communicate, sociable. As a leader in Nikolay, traits may appear that characterize him as a cruel and even despotic boss. Subordinates will be afraid of him.

Nikolai is easily fond of women. The woman he liked immediately asks for a date and, after a few days, can offer her to marry him. In love, passionate, but jealous. Able to work hard on the improvement of his home. Helps his wife in cooking, goes shopping. Loves children very much.

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Congratulations on the Day of the Angel Nicholas in verse

Be forever young, Nikolai,
And never be discouraged.
May you be lucky in everything
Let the takeoff be in everything.

May health be strong
Let the sadness pass.
I wish you well
And be fun forever.


Be lucky, Nikolay,
Let dreams come true,
You get from life
Anything you want!

And he shoveled,
To row cash
Save up on Ferrari
And personal yachts!


I wish, Kolya, from the bottom of my heart
You will always be happy
Success important and great
Achieve easily and effortlessly!

Let every minute give
You only have joy and luck!
Live beautifully, brightly, cool
And get only pleasure!


On a personal holiday to Nikolai
I wish you eternal happiness
So that luck does not end,
And in business everything worked out!

Money to run smoothly
They went to the accounts with a slender step,
And the authority grew stronger
At least another hundred years!

Congratulations to Nikolai in pictures and postcards

Congratulations on the Day of Angel Nicholas

Happy Angel Nicholas Day

Congratulations on the Day of the Angel Nicholas

Congratulations on the day of Nicholas in prose

Dear Nikolai. I congratulate you on a wonderful holiday – Angel Nicholas Day! With all my heart I want to wish you a bright life, invincible strength and strong faith. Do good and help those in need, do not deviate from your goals and aspirations, comprehend the love of your relatives and irradiate this world with the kindness of your soul.


Dear Nikolai. Happy Angel Day. I want to wish you real happiness, good and unchanging luck, great and indestructible successes, unreal and great luck, lasting and very good health. May your angel protect you all your life.


Nikolay! Happy Angel Day! I wish that your guard was always by your side, guarding and taking care of you. May happiness and love, respect and care always accompany you in life! I wish you sincerity, a lot of joy and surprises!


Nikolay, I congratulate you on Angel Day. May happiness and success await you in life, may your path be bright and successful, may your soul enjoy life, and may your heart sincerely love and do good deeds.


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