Celebrities – people of faith, actively congratulate each other on Orthodox holidays. Lyubov Uspenskaya did this too, publishing touching words on Christmas. Lyubov Zalmanovna accompanied her post with a photograph in a yellow dress. However, in the picture, the fans paid more attention not to the singer’s face, but to her excited nipples, which they could examine in detail.

On this day, the queen of the chanson forgot to put on her underwear. In this, apparently, the star does not see anything criminal. However, the fans thought differently and already called the Assumption blasphemer. The star received dozens of angry messages.

“At your age, you have to think about the Almighty, and not put your breasts on public display! – fans write to her. – Why should we show our old nipples?

Ouspenskaya herself does not pay attention to criticism. Moreover, a significant event happened recently in her life. For the first time in six months, the singer spoke with her only daughter Tatyana, who, calling her mother a tyrant, flew to the United States. Now there is warming between them.