Outlander: Diana Gabaldon revealed why she never intended to make the series

The renowned Starz series, Outlander was about to never come to light, here we will tell you why the author never intended to publish the story.

January 10, 2021 12:16 hs

Diana Gabaldon is an award-winning author known for creating the beloved universe Outlander, Turns out, he didn’t think the world would hear his story. In a recent tweet, the author revealed that she never intended to release the first novel by Outlander.

Outlander: The author of the books that inspired the Starz series, Diana Gabaldon

Before becoming a best-selling author, Gabaldon he was a professor of science at Arizona State University.

According to her website, the writer of Outlander He has three science degrees: one in Zoology, one in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D. in Quantitative Behavioral Ecology.

On the other hand, the author confessed that he began to write the first novel of Outlander for practice and as a college professor with access to library resources, she thought historical fiction would be an easy place to start.

“I wanted to write a practice book to learn how to write novels, and I was thinking, what would be the easiest kind of thing to write possible,” Gabaldon explained.

When Gabaldon began to write his first book of Outlander, he didn’t think he would see the light of day. In a recent question and answer session on Twitter with fans, the author revealed that she never planned to release the book.

“Outlander was my practice book,” Gabaldon tweeted.

“I never intended to show it to anyone; it was just for me to learn to write a novel “, admitted the author.

In turn, the talented author confessed to fans of Outlander He hired an editorial agent before finishing the novel when he realized he might be onto something.

“I was probably halfway there when I thought it was probably good,” he wrote in the tweet.

“So I got an agent at the time. However, I did not send it to the editors until it was complete. “

The novel Outlander of Diana Gabaldon spawned several more books and the television series that is currently in its sixth season in production. For her part, the author launched the first novel by Outlander In 1991 since then, he has written seven more books for the series and has also created a parallel universe with his Lord John novel sequence.

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On the other hand, the books of Outlander have become one of the best-selling literary series of all time and the adaptation of Starz of the novels has won numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Television Series.


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