Outside the Jets, Adam Gase is considered in Alabama

Adam Gase ended their two-year tenure on the sidelines at MetLife Stadium by announcing their dismissal to the New York team on Sunday following a 28-14 loss to the New England Patriots, a game that put them 2-14 in the regular season and second place. global to select the talent of your liking in the next college recruitment.

The coach said goodbye to New York at 9-23, finishing third and fourth in the AFC East, respectively. About it, the quarterback Sam Darnold acknowledged that his performance in the Jets formula had an impact on the firing of his former strategist.

“Personally, I didn’t play consistently enough. I think it’s something I’ll stick with because it’s true. I didn’t play well enough.”, indicated, according to Ralph Vachiano, of CUT. “The relationship we have built in recent years has been very special, obviously very sad news,” added the third-year passer.

After 18 uninterrupted years in various coaching staff positions for six different teams, Gase could return to where he began his career as a gridiron scholar: NCAA.

According to Bruce Feldman of The Athletic, the university program of Alabama envisions Gase and Bill O’Brien to be the next offensive coordinator of the team.

Steve Sarkisian, who held the position, came to Texas as the team’s head coach.

O’Brien was fired in the fourth calendar week by the Texans, becoming the first manager / general manager to leave the club.

Gase spent three years with LSU (2000-2002) as a recruiting and graduate assistant before coming to the NFL.

Darnold, with “great future”

Gase’s departure was among those expected by the end of the campaign. On the way there has even been talk of bringing Bill Cowher, but the process is open. What they have concluded in New York is that the next strategist of the team is someone with the ability to have an impact on each of their players, a leader for their players.

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“I don’t like the term CEO very much, but it does describe what we are looking for. We are thinking of someone who will train the team from end to end ”, he commented. Christopher Johnson, CEO de los Jets. “I’m sick of losing. I’m very tired of this, ”he added to CUT.

On the future of Darnold, the executive said a “great fan of Sam. I think he’s a great quarterback. He seems to me to have great talent and leadership, I don’t think his story is over. He has a great future, and personally I hope it will be in this team “. concluded.

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