Panamericana – From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego – 3sat – 29. avril 2022, 03:25


Panamericana – From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego – 3sat – April 29, 2022, 03:25 – Teleboy

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Friday, 29. April • 03:25



From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego



The second stage leads from Atlin in Canada to San Francisco. Ron Smallwood plays golf in the gold mine in the Atlin gold prospector’s nest and is on the hunt for the rare precious metal.
Banff National Park is famous for its wolves and bears. The Swiss Peter Dettling photographs them in the wild and takes Reto Brennwald on a photo hunt. Further east, German is spoken by the Hutterites, an Anabaptist community from South Tyrol.
Reto Brennwald was impressed by her strict but cheerful life in community of goods. A scenic highlight follows south of the US border: Yellowstone, a bubbling volcanic basin beneath the national park of the same name.




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