Papa John’s Founder Criticized For Saying He ‘Lost A House’ In Florida Due To Hurricane Ian: “I’m Not Worried About Me Because I Have Resources” | News from Mexico

John Schnatterthe founder of Papa John’s Pizza who was forced to resign as CEO after delivering a racial slur during a conference call, he was criticized Tuesday for telling a cable news channel that he had “lost a home” in Florida as a result of the hurricane Ian.

Schnatter, whose net worth was set by Forbes at about 1 billion in 2017, owns a expanding real estate portfolio which includes some 20 properties across the countryincluding a $6 million condominium in Naples, Florida, according to Louisville Business First.

The tycoon told ON on Tuesday that his property in Naples was damaged by the huge storm category 4 who left dozens of dead after bringing record rainfall, flooding and storm surge to Florida.

In a clip viral circulating online, the cable network noticed that Schnatter, 60, was speaking from one of his other homes in Utah.

Of course, you are currently in Utah, but we are looking at the images of your house in Naples, ”said the presenter, Stella Inger Escobedo, during the interview with Schnatter. “It looks like it’s completely underwater. “Just seeing all those images is heartbreaking,” she added. “Can you tell us the aftermath in your neighborhood?”

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“Perspective” against the tragedy

Schnatter said the extent of the damage depicted in the images “gives you a bit of perspective… [sobre] how devastating this storm is.

He later added that he wasn’t “worried about me because I have the resources, the team and the institutional knowledge” to get out of the crisis.

“You can’t imagine how bad this is and my heart goes out to the people of Florida,” Schnatter said. “Yes, I lost a house, but they have lost everything.”

Schnatter and OAN went ridiculed on social media for the segment.

A user of Twitter sarcastically commented, “I’m not worried because I have 600 million and can afford adequate insurance. NAO is ridiculous.”

However, others came to Schnatter’s defense: They pointed out that he recognized that he would be better off than most of the people in Florida whose properties were destroyed and their lives changed, mentions the NYP.

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When Schnatter filed for divorce from his wife in 2019, he owned at least three properties in Anchorage, Kentucky, not far from Louisville. The properties, which total more than 100 acres of land, were managed by a limited liability company co-owned by Schnatter.

After what he was forced to resign as director executive in 2018, he began selling off a large chunk of his 31% stake in Papa John’s. Total, pocketed more than 500 million dollars for the sale of his shares in the company that he turned into the fourth largest pizzeria chain in the country.

Category 4 Monster Storm

At least 71 floridanos have been confirmed dead as a result of the hurricane, according to authorities.

About 520,000 homes and businesses in Florida were still without power through Monday night, down from a high of 2.6 million. But that’s still about the same number of customers in all of Rhode Island.

An estimate from September 29, CoreLogic found that damage from Ian’s wind and storm surge could total between $28 billion and $47 billion, according to CNBC.

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