Paradis Blancs, the adventures of Jérémie Villet on France 2 this Sunday January 15, 2023

The magazine “13h15 le dimanche” presented by Laurent Delahousse on France 2 followed wildlife photographer Jérémie Villet on several of these expeditions, incredible adventures in snowy landscapes. In the heart of immaculate white… These “White Paradises” are to be discovered this Sunday on France 2.



This new unpublished series in four episodes, signed Marc de Langenhagen, Yoann Périé and Guillaume Salasca, is dedicated to wildlife photographer Jérémie Villet. Each episode tells the story of a photo, almost unreal images, never retouched, taken by the visual artist immersed in the white of the snow. They capture a movement, a look of wildlife…

His journey. Her passion. His life. It’s been almost two years that the “13h15” has been following the author of First snow (ed. du Chêne) in his immaculate animal adventures, sometimes very far from home, sometimes very close. To try to understand how he trained alone in the secrets of nature, you have to go back to the sources of his art: the family farm, in the Yvelines, where he discovered everything as a child.

An arctic fox, a white rabbit…

Direction the great cold, in the heart of Norway, for the first photo, that of the fascinating arctic fox that turns white in winter. As always, nothing stops Jérémie Villet when he has an image in mind. Sometimes, he keeps some after-effects of these long moments of waiting in the cold, such as tingling, loss of sensitivity in his fingertips…

Another magical place for another photo, that of the white rabbit which inhabits with its congeners an island near the North Cape, beyond the polar circle. The young photographer went there alone, as usual, but the vagaries of the weather changed his plans. He was stranded on the island… but had an encounter he won’t soon forget.


The Yukon wolf, the deer of his childhood

After the frozen plateaus of Norway and the island of white rabbits near the North Cape, head for the Alps, in the Oisans massif, where you sometimes come across wolves. Jérémie Villet recounts one of his most memorable encounters during a trip to Alaska with the Yukon wolf.

Credit/source: franceinfo

“1:15 p.m. on Sunday” is broadcast this Sunday, January 15 at 1:15 p.m. on France 2. Find the replay of the magazine on franceinfo and its mobile application, section “ Magazines »

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