Paranormal or paranoid? Double witch horror in the German trailer for the psycho shocker “Two Witches” – cinema news

The cleverly edited trailer for the upcoming home cinema launch of “Two Witches – Zwei Hexen” comes across as very creepy. Are you bringing the horror thriller into your living room at home? Or are you afraid of not being able to close your eyes afterwards?

“Two Witches – Zwei Hexen” offers not one, but two stories in which the characters encounter the supernatural. You can soon experience how director Pierre Tsigaridis finally brings these storylines together in the home cinema.

The thriller debuted in October 2021 within days at three prestigious genre events: Grimmfest in Manchester, UK, Sitges Film Festival in Spain and Horror Film Festival in Salem, Massachusetts. In this country, “Two Witches – Zwei Hexen” will be released on February 3, 2023 on Blu-ray and DVD. Both formats with FSK-16 approval can already be pre-ordered from online providers such as Amazon. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can watch the film at the same place Buy digitally from January 12th and then stream immediately:

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“Two Witches” is the first feature-length work by Tsigaridis, who wrote the screenplay in cooperation with one of his leading actresses (Kristina Kleber). Previously, the American, who grew up in Paris, had only made a short film called “I Who Have No One”. You can get the scary shorts view here.

In addition to Kristina Kleber, known from Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” remake and “Hellboy – Call Of Darkness”, Rebekah Kennedy plays another protagonist from the Netflix drama “To The Bone” and the slasher “Bastard”. Also there is Belle Adams from The Manor.

These are the two stories of “Two Witches – Zwei Hexen”

Sarah (Belle Adams) is pregnant. Before the birth is due, however, she would like to have a nice meal with her partner Simon (Ian Michaels). But the evening went very differently than expected. Not only does Sarah have to deal with her unfortunately rather insensitive husband, she also has the feeling that she is being stared at by a woman who immediately mistakes her for a witch. Is that the “evil look” that the old woman gave her?

When the couple visits their friends Dustin (Tim Fox) and Melissa (Dina Silva) a little later, they are inexperienced with a Ouija board. Apparently they unleash dark powers. So was Sarah right in her suspicion that she was dealing with a witch?

At the same time, there is an argument between the student Rachel (Kristina Kleber) and her new roommate Masha (Rebekah Kennedy). The young woman, who is already acting very strangely, simply brought home a guy (Jacob DeMonte-Finn) unknown to Rachel, with whom a bloody incident immediately ensued…

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Here comes the trailer again in English for all original sound enthusiasts among you:

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