Parliament of Georgia will begin procedures to deprive the opposition of mandates on January 4

The ruling party decided not to satisfy the opposition’s demand for deprivation of mandates during the autumn session and gave them time to think

TBILISI, 2 Jan – Sputnik. The Parliament of Georgia begins consideration of the issue of depriving representatives of opposition parties of parliamentary mandates on January 4, the statement on website Parliament.

On January 4, the Committee on Procedural Matters will consider the applications of three of the four members of the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia party who made it to parliament: Irma Inashvili, Giorgi Lomia and Gochi Tevdoradze.

On the same day, a plenary session is scheduled, and this issue may appear on the agenda.

In general, the parliament will also consider the applications of the deputies who have passed on the lists of “Strategy of Agmashenebeli”, “Lelo for Georgia”, “United National Movement”, “European Georgia”, “Labor Party” and leader of the “Girchi – More Freedom” party Zurab Japaridze …

The ruling party decided not to satisfy the opposition’s demand for the deprivation of mandates during the fall session and gave them time to think. However, the opposition continues to insist on its own.

After the adoption of the resolution on taking into account the issue of the rejection of the mandates of the opposition deputies, 90 deputies of the ruling Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party, one representative of the Alliance of Patriots party, three representatives of the New Political Center of Girchi party and two representatives party “Citizens”.

The majority of the opposition parties took the decision to resign from parliamentary mandates in protest against the rigged parliamentary elections on 31 October. The opposition claims that Georgian Dream won the elections by pressure on voters and falsified voting results.

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Meanwhile, international observers said the elections were held in a free and democratic environment without serious irregularities.

The majority of those who applied for the refusal of deputy mandates have already abolished their party lists, so after voting on their issue in the parliament of Georgia there will be about 100 out of 150 deputies. Due to the reduced number of deputies, the parliament of Georgia will not be able to change the Constitution, the law on land and adopt a number of other issues requiring the consent of at least 3/4 of 150 deputies.

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