Part 1, Autumn Bonfires, a Montgomery Lucy Maud fanfic Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables, Anne

Gilbert Blythe smells like autumn bonfires – rotten foliage and tart smoke, from which, willy-nilly, watery eyes. And all would be fine, but Ann has with him any time of the year – autumn. Probably it even not bad, she convinces herself, combing her fiery red hair in front of the wall mirror with the thieving look of a small, timid mischief. Ann Shirley has never been beautiful. And never will not be… But deep down, she probably knows that the starry radiance of her wide-open eyes more than compensates for the absence of black or gold curls and aristocratic pallor, devoid of even hint for freckles. Here is Gilbert, no doubt beautiful… Not that Anne understands this … It’s just that the smallest features of his image, adding together, create something that dangerously resembles perfection… And this is very unusual for Princess Cordelia, who in the harsh reality is just a red-haired ridiculous disaster. Too sensitive… Too furious… Too live for this drowsy-gray, like autumn fog, adult world. However, the world has to come to terms with this. Like Gilbert, only it is easier for him to endure it – after all, as you know, than more unbearable, so expensive… He’s probably quite stupid, Anne thinks, angrily throwing the comb away and looking away from his own reflection.


He could choose any… Whatever correct and perfect… But for some reason I chose her… A riddle worthy of the attention of the most ancient of sages, slyly and sparklingly sparkles in the eyes of “this upstart Blythe.” And Ann sometimes – at all rarely, true! – so desperately drowning in this gaze that he does not realize that in itself for him is no less a mystery. Ann Shirley wants to be guessed. Understood to the last comma. Only she has not yet admitted this.

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… And she also wants to tremble for an eternity to dance by the autumn fire and hold other people’s cool hands in her, too rough and hot, thin and thin hands. No, she definitely allowed herself morethan ever before. Too much… And from this sometimes it becomes really scary.


Is it not destined for her, an extravagant October witch, to burn out at the stake of someone else’s attraction, turn into coal and a dark handful of ash, lose everything and nothing, while acquiring a hundred – a thousand! – times more? There are too many questions. There are almost no answers to them. But need are they? I will be ever?


This, perhaps, is not a very good deed – on October 31st, go to the autumn forest in complete solitude to see the icy spirits of the slowly coming winter. But Anne’s fingers are not tingling from the cold now, and it’s not the smoke that makes it harder to breathe. This is definitely disease… Healing is impossible. But instead of the intended despair, Ann for some reason feels a painfully acute joy and a strange, new freedom… At a certain moment, she feels with her back that the “stupid boy Gilbert” is watching her intently from behind a tree. Turning abruptly, Anne catches an infinitely gentle look and coughs nervously. In her lungs are crimson maples and golden birches. In her eyes – an incredibly strong confusion, which Ann had not experienced before. never… Gilbert noticed by his victim (he didn’t really hide!) Takes a couple of steps forward. In his gaze is the genuine triumph of the hunter who overtook the wild – and strange – the beast. – Let’s dance? – he slowly stretches his lips in a smile so sly and so promising that Ann can hardly suppress the desire to hide in the nearest hollow. No, no, not a wild animal at all. Just a stupid little ruffled birdie… But she is not at all able to fly away, although her invisible wings have not yet been clipped. Diligently woven nets are too strong. – First we need to light a fire, – with an effort swallowing a lump, Ann says and with humiliating doom discovers that the carpet of colorful leaves under her feet is becoming extremely interesting. Gilbert’s quiet, soft laugh makes her look up again. – You yourself are a fire, – he says with conviction, unexpectedly hot and completely sincerely… And Anne’s heart sinks somewhere and suddenly becomes too big, restless and loud.

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Unusual loud.


To his resounding blows, he and Gilbert silently circle through the forest glade, amid the fading flames of a spicy and tart autumn. There are so many of their quivering souls in this dance that the sounds of music – and at the same time the words – become simply Not needed… From now on, Ann is forever stuck in the fall. She simply has no choice. But to choose something otherwise more completely do not want.


The autumn setting sun crowns her with a precious golden crown. And the first kiss irreversibly turns from a princess into queen… And this is also very correct. So infinitely beautiful and sweet. And – who would have thought? – actually very very easy.

Much sweeter and lighter than it seemed at first (to both of them).

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