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In life you have to have the patience that this man from Madrid has shown who bought a sled at some point, kept it in his garage, trained several dogs and left last Saturday through the snowy capital as if he were in Alaska. That in life because in football we are impatient by nature. We want results and we want them now, it is inevitable. If our team signs a striker and does not score in the first days, we automatically label him as a package. If a coach does not meet expectations in the middle of the season, he goes where he came from, like Pablo Machin at Alaves. I have players that have lasted me Biwenger a day (and because the machine does not buy them in the middle of the game).

But how can we not be impatient in football if we live in an extremely impatient society that wants – needs – quick answers to complex problems: viruses, the economy, relationships. I recently read that a large chain of bookstores has launched a courier service to receive books at your home in a matter of minutes. You get up with a craving for Oscar Wilde And you can’t even stand the toasts to be made, normal. There are those who even make a show of impatience, proud of their cretinez, uploading screenshots to social networks with the interlocutor of the home delivery company because dinner has arrived ten minutes late.

Hundreds of coaches in football history have been fired out of impatience. Sometimes they have everything to achieve something great: the staff, the system, the board, the budget, the social mass; what they don’t have is time. Other times they have the template, the system, the blackboard, the social mass, the budget and the time; what they don’t have is talent. Although the most common is that the coaches have neither time nor staff; in that case the problem is not one of impatience, it is one of sports planning. And there those of us who lose patience are the fans.

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